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Show Notes

In this episode of the “Up, Up and Away” podcast, hosted by Dom Burch with co-host Saira Arif, guest Sara Nelson, a nurse by background and a passionate advocate for asthma care, shares her extensive experience in transforming children and young people’s health services through digital innovation.
The episode sheds light on the evolution of asthma care, emphasising the importance of digital tools like the Digital Health Passport in managing the condition.
Sara discusses her journey from a nurse specialising in cardiothoracic care to becoming a pivotal figure in asthma management. Her work includes founding impactful initiatives like the “Ask About Asthma” campaign and the “Right Inhaler Image” campaigns, aiming to standardise asthma care and educate on proper inhaler use. Sara highlights the significance of these programmes: ‘#AskAboutAsthma campaign, is the importance of having an asthma action plan, ensuring people know how to use their inhalers and having annual reviews.”
She reflects on the transformation in asthma care, noting the progress made in standardising treatments and the shift towards digital health solutions that empower patients to manage their conditions effectively. Sara proudly mentions the collaborative effort in London that led to the development of the National Asthma bundle of care, which was inspired by successful models in Finland.
Sara highlights the importance of co-production in health app development, emphasising that involving patients in the design process ensures the tools meet their needs and improve self-management. And recalls first meeting Saira, “It was great to have you as one of the first people who used the asthma app, it really helped with some of that initial patient engagement,”.
The conversation also covers broader issues of air quality and its impact on asthma, underlining the ongoing need for public health initiatives and education to reduce asthma triggers in the environment.
This episode serves as a powerful testament to the benefits of integrated, patient-centred care and the potential of digital tools to revolutionise healthcare for chronic conditions like asthma. Sara’s insights and experiences provide valuable lessons on the importance of adaptability, collaboration, and innovation in healthcare.
For more information on the Digital Health Passport and to hear more insightful discussions on digital health, listeners can visit Digital Health Passport.

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User testimonials


“As an asthmatic in the last two years I’ve been to A&E twice and if I’m having trouble breathing I can take my phone out and say look at this plan. That would be really handy. The name as a Digital Health Passport is exactly it - you can travel around with it and use it as and when you enter into a service.”

Saira DHP User

Good look and feel

“The look and feel is really good - not just a boring NHS App and the interactive background is especially good for younger users.”

Lucy DHP User

Simple to use

“I really liked it because it was simple to use.”

Jared DHP User

Helps independence and self-monitoring

“We are always trying to encourage Alice to look after her asthma herself and it helps her be independent…..really great as she has been discharged from hospital and the app helps her monitor her asthma and she lets us know how she is getting on.”

Susan, Alice's Mum DHP User

Knowing my asthma level

“Easy to log onto and good to know what level my asthma is at - knowing if I need to wear a coat or hat is really good.”

Alice DHP User

Information in one place

"Really useful when patients come back into clinic recording peak flow rather than paper is a real positive. The links are really good - one patient this morning had poor inhaler technique and having additional information that they access in one place is really useful."

Jane Asthma Nurse, St Bartholomew Hospital, London

Life saving

"This app is just brilliant and life saving."

Anne Marie Asthma Nurse, St Bartholomew Hospital, London

Spacer benefits

"When my Asthma Nurse first told me about spacers, I was sceptical. But I am so happy about the device, all the medicine goes where it should go. There is also one for children to use. Since using the spacer I have noticed a massive improvement with my Asthma and my peak flow. If you haven't got one, then speak to your GP or your Asthma Nurse, because this unit is a must to have, and anyone can use it."

Anthony DHP User - feedback following Health Hacks email

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