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Fluid Edge Themes

Greater Manchester

The Digital Health Passport team was approached by the Greater Manchester Strategic Clinical Network. This followed an extensive piece of research into the needs of children and young people  in their area which identified an asthma care plan app as an important part of a strategy to reduce Emergency Department visits. The Greater Manchester project has received Evidence Generation funding from the Innovation & Technology Payment, an NHS England programme that supports the NHS to adopt innovations by removing some of the financial and procurement barriers to introducing new technologies, and is well supported by the regional leadership team and the local Academic and Health Science Network. The integration plan with the GM Local Health & Care Record (LHCR) is amongst the most advanced in the country and involves evaluating the use of PODs (Personally Owned Datastores). The focus for the project is to share asthma care plans between secondary and primary care, and once interoperability is established to do the same for epilepsy and diabetes.