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Fluid Edge Themes

East London

Tiny Medical Apps (the company behind the Digital Health Passport) was commissioned by Healthy London Partnership to deliver a platform and app that would allow: deployment of digital care plans; remote condition monitoring; access to educational resources for young people with long term conditions; and have access to pollution, pollen and weather data. The initial focus was on asthma, and involved working with leading clinicians and young people across the capital to develop our ‘Minimum Lovable Product’. The DHP was initially launched in October 2019 at two sites in East London: Chrisp Street Surgery and the Royal London Hospitals with Barts Hospital following on in January 2020. An evaluation has been undertaken demonstrating evidence to Tier 2 on the NICE Evidence Standards Framework for Digital Health Tools and presented to clinicians and commissioners from across London. The ‘live co-design’ continues supporting Respiratory Nurses at the Royal London to provide a Digital Asthma Action Plan to patients preparing for discharge.